Friday, June 23, 2017

Alton Jones’ Personal Testimony

Everybody called my grandfather “Papa”. He was a very kind and generous man who loved to go fishing as often as possible. I guess that’s where I got it from. We fished together practically every weekend from the time I was 3 until I finished high school. Sure, he taught me a lot about fishing, but it’s the way he lived out his strong faith that really sticks in my mind. Even at such an early age God was placing people in my life to shape me and send me on my journey. His sovereign fingerprints are everywhere. Now, well over a decade into my career as a professional bass fisherman, I often reflect on my past. Looking back at where I’ve been is a great reminder for where I’m going.

I was raised attending church every Sunday, praying before each meal, and kneeling beside my bed each night before going to sleep. As a young child I learned the “right” answers to many spiritual questions and I was even baptized at age 6. At that time, however, my true motivation for baptism had very little to do with my need of a Savior. I knew I needed to be baptized before I could partake in the Lord’s Supper. I couldn’t stand watching my friends eating a “snack” in church, so I learned the right answers and got baptized. Now I was entitled to crackers and juice in church too. Read More

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