Friday, June 23, 2017
About Alton
Angling Stuff
Angling Hero Grandfather - "Papa taught me to fish and to love the sport."
Home Lake Lake Waco (TX) - "It's a sleeper. It's an awesome fishery."
Favorite Lake Falcon Lake- "It has lots of them, and they're big and dumb."
Least Favorite Lake Potomac River (MD)
Favorite Technique Junk fishing - Casting at shallow, visible targets
Primary Fishing Strength Pitching and flipping soft-plastics and jigs to visible shallow cover
Secondary Fishing Strength Sight-fishing
Biggest Weakness "I think I can hang with anybody at any technique. I just don't like that word 'weakness.'"
Boat Skeeter
Motor Yamaha
Fishing Sponsors Yum, Booyah, Bomber, Silver Thread, Legacy Outfitters (Waco, Texas ministry), Costa Del Mar sunglasses, Kistler rods, Ardent reels
Non-Fishing Sponsors Lifeline Youth and Family Services (charity in Fort Wayne, Ind.), John 3:16
Tow Vehicle (Sponsor) Chevy Suburban

Personal Stuff
Favorite Food Steamed crabs
Favorite Music Contemporary Christian and classic rock
Favorite Book/Movie The Bible (book)/Raiders of the Lost Ark (movie)
Non-Angling Hero Jesus Christ - "He's who my whole life is based on. His model, His example for how to treat others."
When Not Fishing "I love to hunt, I love to snow-ski and I love to ride dirt bikes. I do those when it's too cold to fish. And I also spend a lot of time in Bible study."
Why He Fishes "In fishing you always have a chance for success on the next cast. It's also a sport that provides me the opportunity for lots of faith in God because of the uncontrollables."

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